Sun rules 12th house is in 9th house in Taurus

Sun rules 12th house is in 9th house in Taurus

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun in the 9th house of Taurus signifies a strong desire for knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality.

Individuals with this placement are likely to be highly intellectual and always curious about the world around them. They strive to gain knowledge in various fields such as philosophy, religion, and spirituality. They have a lot of respect for traditional values and beliefs, and they may be drawn towards spiritual practices like yoga and meditation.

These individuals are also known for their sense of morality and ethics. They have a strong sense of justice and fairness and are likely to be honest and trustworthy. They may be involved in social causes and may have a strong desire to help others.

The placement of the Sun in Taurus enhances their materialistic nature, leading to a strong desire for comfort, luxury, and wealth. However, it is important for them to maintain a balance between their materialistic desires and their spiritual beliefs.

Overall, the placement of the Sun in the 9th house of Taurus shows that these individuals are highly knowledgeable, ethical and spiritually inclined, and they may achieve great success by pursuing their intellectual and spiritual endeavors.