Sun rules 8th house is in 7th house in Cancer

Sun rules 8th house is in 7th house in Cancer

The placement of the Sun in the 7th house in the sign of Cancer indicates that relationships and partnerships will be a significant focus in your life. You will have a desire for a deep emotional connection in your personal and professional relationships.

Your personality may be warm and nurturing towards others, and you may attract partners who seek your caring and supportive nature. However, you may also feel the need to be in control of your relationships and may struggle to compromise or let go of personal pride and ego.

Your level of courage and self-confidence may also fluctuate depending on the strength of your relationships. You may feel most confident when you are in a supportive partnership, but conflicts or challenges in your relationships can lower your morale.

Overall, you will benefit from cultivating healthy and balanced partnerships that promote mutual growth and understanding. It is also important for you to work on self-awareness and finding ways to honor your own needs while also being considerate of others.