Sun rules 1st house is in 7th house in Aquarius

Sun rules 1st house is in 7th house in Aquarius

Great! So, having the Sun in the 7th house in Aquarius sign can give some unique characteristics to a person's personality and relationship dynamics.

As the Sun is the planet of self, identity and individuality, its placement in the 7th house of partnerships and relationships can indicate a strong desire for a fulfilling and meaningful partnership. However, Aquarius being an independent and unconventional sign, the person may also struggle with balancing their need for independence with the dynamics of a committed relationship.

They may also have a strong sense of fairness and social justice and may seek partners who share similar values and beliefs. The person may also be attracted to people who are unique and unconventional in their own ways.

On the negative side, this placement may indicate a tendency to be overly opinionated and self-centered in relationships, which can create conflicts and difficulties in maintaining a harmonious partnership.

Overall, the impact of Sun in the 7th house in Aquarius sign will depend on various factors such as the placement and aspect of other planets in the birth chart. Hence, it will be helpful to analyze the complete birth chart to provide a comprehensive understanding of the person's personality and life journey.