Sun rules 8th house is in 1st house in Capricorn

Sun rules 8th house is in 1st house in Capricorn

When the Sun is in the 1st house of Capricorn sign, it indicates a person who is ambitious, responsible and disciplined. These individuals are driven towards success and take their goals very seriously. They have a strong desire to achieve greatness and are not afraid of hard work.

The Capricorn Sun in the 1st house makes one very practical and realistic about life. They are not interested in frivolous pursuits or wasting time on things that do not add value to their life. They possess a certain maturity and wisdom beyond their years.

This placement of the Sun, however, also signifies a tendency towards being overly serious and pessimistic. These individuals may struggle with finding joy in life and may need to work on being more lighthearted and flexible.

Overall, the Capricorn Sun in the 1st house highlights a person who is a hard worker, determined to succeed and takes life seriously. They may come across as reserved, but have a quiet strength and authority that commands respect from others.