Sun rules 11th house is in 11th house in Leo

Sun rules 11th house is in 11th house in Leo

When the Sun is placed in the 11th house of a horoscope in Leo sign, it indicates that the individual is likely to possess remarkable leadership abilities and an innate desire to gain authority over others. This planetary combination endows the native with self-confidence, assertiveness, and a strong-willed character.

The person may have a vast network of friends and acquaintances who they use as resources for their own benefits. They are generally fond of socializing and often attract a lot of attention from others which could be attributed to their charming personality.

They are also likely to be quite ambitious and work hard towards achieving their goals, especially the ones that serve the greater good. They may become benefactors or be associated with charitable organizations that work towards a noble cause.

On the flip side, an afflicted Sun in the 11th house of Leo sign may make the native stubborn and hostile towards others, leading to conflict with friends and associates. They may also have a tendency to become egoistic and seek validation from others, which could potentially harm their relationships in the long run.