Sun rules 1st house is in 10th house in Taurus

Sun rules 1st house is in 10th house in Taurus

Great! The placement of Sun in the 10th house is considered very auspicious in Vedic astrology, as it is a powerful position for success, recognition, and accomplishment in one's career or worldly pursuits.

With Sun in Taurus, you are likely to be a practical and hardworking individual, who is focused on achieving material comfort and security. Your confidence, determination, and perseverance help you to succeed in your professional life, and you may be viewed as a reliable and competent leader by your peers.

Your personality is likely to command respect and authority, and you may take pride in your achievements and accomplishments. However, you should also guard against becoming too rigid or inflexible in your thinking, as this can limit your growth and progress.

Overall, Sun in the 10th house in Taurus gives you the potential for great success and recognition in your career, but it is up to you to channel your energies in a productive and positive manner to achieve your goals.