retrograde Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 7th house in Scorpio

retrograde Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 7th house in Scorpio

The placement of retrograde Mars in the 7th house of Scorpio sign can indicate some challenges in your relationships, particularly in the areas of communication and conflict resolution. The retrograde motion of Mars means that its energy is turned inward, which can result in feelings of frustration or anger that are not expressed outwardly.

In terms of your partnerships, this placement suggests a strong need for independence and a desire to assert your own needs and opinions. However, you may struggle with finding a balance between your personal desires and the needs of your partner, which could lead to tension or even breakups.

It is important to be mindful of your communication style, as this placement can make it difficult to express yourself calmly and effectively. Work on developing healthy communication patterns, such as active listening and clear expression of your needs and feelings, to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in your relationships.

Overall, this placement can be challenging but with self-reflection and effort, you can use the energy of Mars to strengthen your relationships and build deeper connections based on mutual respect and understanding.