retrograde Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 2nd house in Gemini

retrograde Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 2nd house in Gemini

Retrograde Mars in the 2nd house of Gemini sign can bring some conflicting energies for the native. Since the 2nd house represents wealth, family, and speech, the retrograde motion of Mars can create obstacles and challenges in these areas of life.

The retrograde motion of Mars indicates that the native may experience delays when it comes to making money, or they may face unexpected expenses that can strain their finances. However, if they can avoid impulsive decisions and remain patient, they can overcome these obstacles and eventually achieve financial stability.

The native may also face some conflicts within their family and may have difficulty expressing their thoughts and ideas effectively. They may feel like there is a communication breakdown, which can lead to misunderstandings and arguments. However, if they can work on their communication skills and learn to listen to others, they can strengthen their relationships and create harmony in their home.

The retrograde Mars in Gemini can also impact the native's ability to make decisions. They may find it challenging to choose between different options, which can lead to confusion and frustration. However, if they take the time to analyze the situation and weigh the pros and cons of each choice, they can make a wise decision.

Overall, retrograde Mars in the 2nd house of Gemini sign brings challenges and obstacles, but with patience, communication skills, and wise decision-making, the native can overcome these challenges and succeed in their endeavors.