retrograde Mars rules 1st and 8th house is in 11th house in Aquarius

retrograde Mars rules 1st and 8th house is in 11th house in Aquarius

As a Vedic astrologer, we believe that the planet Mars is currently in a state of retrograde, meaning its energy is reversed and its influences may not be fully expressed. Additionally, Mars is placed in the 11th house of the Aquarius zodiac sign, which governs friendship, social connections, and goals.

This retrograde Mars in the 11th house may cause some challenges in achieving your goals and fulfilling your desires. It can bring disruptions in your relationships with friends or social groups, which may cause you to feel isolated or disconnected. You may also experience some setbacks or delays in your pursuits, which may test your patience and perseverance.

However, this is also an opportunity to reflect on your ambitions and desires, and to reassess whether they align with your values and purpose. Mars in Aquarius is associated with innovation, intellectual curiosity, and humanitarian ideals, and retrograde motion can bring a deeper introspection and soul searching.

Overall, it is important to remain patient and flexible during this period, and to focus on developing inner strength and clarity. Seek guidance and support from trusted friends and mentors, and channel your energy in creative and constructive ways. With time and effort, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals with greater wisdom and awareness.