retrograde Mars rules 11th and 6th house is in 10th house in Pisces

retrograde Mars rules 11th and 6th house is in 10th house in Pisces

A retrograde Mars in the 10th house of a person's birth chart is indicative of some challenges they may face in their career or profession. This may be due to a lack of enthusiasm or confidence, which could impact their ability to take risks and make bold decisions to move forward in their career.

The Pisces sign, which governs the 10th house, is associated with emotional sensitivity and a deep spiritual urge. Therefore, this retrograde Mars in Pisces could indicate that the person may find it difficult to connect with their inner power and take action to realize their goals.

However, with proper guidance and effort, the person can tap into their hidden strength and overcome any obstacles along the way. They may benefit from meditation, spiritual practices or counseling to help them navigate through their emotions and gain clarity on their career path.

As a Jyotish astrologer, I would advise the person to focus on building their self-confidence and channeling their creativity towards their professional endeavors. They may also benefit from working in a field that aligns with their passions and spirituality, which can bring them greater fulfillment and success in their career.