Moon rules 11th house is in 6th house in Aquarius

Moon rules 11th house is in 6th house in Aquarius

The placement of Moon in the 6th house in Aquarius sign indicates that you are a very analytical and logical person. You have a practical approach towards life and you tend to use your intuitive and emotional intelligence to solve problems in a rational manner. You are a quick thinker and can quickly adapt to changing situations.

However, this placement can also make you prone to being overly critical of yourself and others, which can lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress. You may also experience some health issues related to the digestive system or nervous system.

In terms of career, you may excel in fields related to science, technology, or social work. You may also have a knack for research and analysis. It is important for you to maintain a balanced approach towards work and take breaks to avoid burnout.

Overall, with this placement, you have the potential to be a great problem solver, but it is important to keep your emotional well-being in check.