Moon rules 6th house is in 3rd house in Aries

Moon rules 6th house is in 3rd house in Aries

As a Jyotish Astrologer, I can tell you that having Moon in the 3rd house in Aries sign indicates a highly imaginative, dynamic and ambitious individual. The 3rd house represents communication, siblings, short travels, and intelligence. The placement of the Moon in this house can make the native very articulate and expressive with exceptional communication skills.

Since Aries is a fiery sign, it can bring a lot of passion, enthusiasm and courage in the way the native expresses themselves. They are known to be quite straightforward in their approach and hence, sometimes can come across as aggressive. However, they are highly intuitive and can assert themselves well in any situation.

This placement is considered auspicious for siblings and can indicate good relations with them. The native can also benefit from short trips and travel for business or work purposes. However, they may feel a bit restless and moody at times. Thus, some meditation and grounding exercises can be helpful for them to calm their minds.

Overall, the placement of Moon in 3rd house in Aries can bring a lot of success, creativity, and innovation in the fields of communication, writing, journalism, and entrepreneurship.