Moon rules 12th house is in 11th house in Gemini

Moon rules 12th house is in 11th house in Gemini

The placement of Moon in the 11th house in Gemini sign in a Jyotish horoscope can give varying results depending upon other factors such as the aspects and conjunctions of other planets. Nevertheless, here are some general predictions based on this placement:

  1. The native will be very social and have a lot of friends. They will be popular among their social circle and have a wide network of contacts.

  2. The individual will be imaginative and creative, with a natural talent for writing, poetry, and literature.

  3. The person will be interested in gaining knowledge, particularly about science and technology. They may have an affinity towards computers and gadgets.

  4. The native may have a strong desire to be financially stable and may work hard to achieve it.

  5. Lunar afflictions in this house and Sign may cause instability in the financial position. Sometime the individual may make impulsive decisions regarding their investments.

  6. The native may have a strong bond with siblings and may share a good rapport with them.

  7. Natives with this placement may be interested in public speaking or communication related jobs.

  8. One of the downsides of this placement can be a tendency to be fickle-minded, which may cause confusion and indecisiveness, particularly on matters related to love and relationships.

Overall, the 11th house placement of Moon in Gemini sign can bring good social skills, creativity, and interest towards knowledge and technology, and gains in income and investments in the general reading of the horoscope.