Mars rules 6th and 1st house is in 7th house in Taurus

Mars rules 6th and 1st house is in 7th house in Taurus

Mars in the 7th House in Taurus sign gives the native a combative and energetic nature in their partnerships and relationships. This placement indicates that the native has a strong desire for companionship and may meet their life partner through their profession. They may also have a preference for partners who are wealthy or come from a financially stable background.

On the negative side, this placement can also indicate conflicts and disagreements in partnerships due to a strong desire for dominance and control. The native may also have a tendency to be impulsive and prone to argumentation, which can strain their relationships.

In terms of profession, this placement can indicate success in fields related to sales, marketing, or business partnerships. The native may also have a talent for negotiation and may enjoy working in professions that require communication skills.

Overall, this placement suggests that the native will experience a mix of positive and negative aspects in their partnerships and relationships, but with self-awareness and control, they can harness their energy positively and reap the benefits of strong and lasting relationships.