Mars rules 11th and 6th house is in 2nd house in Cancer

Mars rules 11th and 6th house is in 2nd house in Cancer

Mars in the 2nd house of the horoscope can have a deep impact on the native's life, particularly when it is located in the Cancer sign. This combination could bring both positive and negative results, depending on the placement of other planets in the horoscope.

Positively, Mars in the 2nd house may bring financial success, stability, and wealth. The native may work hard to earn more money and also have a strong desire to accumulate material possessions. They may be ambitious and find success through their consistent efforts and energy.

Negatively, this placement may create a tendency towards impulsive spending, which could lead to financial instability. The native may also be prone to disputes related to wealth and inheritance, particularly from the paternal side of the family. It can also cause conflicts with family members, particularly the spouse and siblings.

Additionally, Mars in the Cancer sign may also give a tendency towards emotional outbursts and mood swings, which could cause instability in personal relationships. Overall, the native should strive to balance their emotional and financial needs, particularly in their relationships with family members.