Mars rules 6th and 1st house is in 12th house in Libra

Mars rules 6th and 1st house is in 12th house in Libra

The position of Mars in the 12th house in the Libra sign can have both positive and negative effects on the native's life. The 12th house is known as the house of expenses, losses, and foreign lands, and when Mars is placed in the 12th house, it can lead to sudden and unexpected expenses, especially related to litigation and accidents.

However, Mars can also give the native a strong desire to travel to foreign lands and explore different cultures. They may have a passion for adventure and exploration, and it can lead to them travelling widely.

Mars in Libra sign can also have some conflicting effects on the native's personality. Mars is known for aggression and action, while Libra is known for balance, harmony, and diplomacy. Therefore, the native may face internal conflicts between their desire to act and their desire to maintain balance and harmony in their relationships.

Overall, the placement of Mars in the 12th house in Libra sign indicates that the native may have to face some challenging situations related to expenses, losses and travel, but they have the potential to harness the positive energy of Mars and use it to their advantage. It is important for them to maintain a balance between their actions and relationships to achieve success in their endeavors.