Mars rules 10th and 5th house is in 11th house in Taurus

Mars rules 10th and 5th house is in 11th house in Taurus

With Mars in the 11th house in Taurus sign, the native may possess great physical endurance and strength. They may have a strong desire to succeed in their goals, especially in matters related to finances, material possessions, and social status. The presence of Mars in this house creates a powerful drive towards achieving their objectives, which can lead to great success in their professional pursuits.

However, this placement can also lead to a tendency towards arrogance and stubbornness. The person may have a dominating and controlling personality, which can affect their relationships with others. They may struggle to compromise and may come across as inflexible, which can create conflicts in their personal and professional life.

The presence of Mars in Taurus can also lead to a desire for material comforts and financial stability. The person may work hard to accumulate wealth and assets, and may enjoy luxurious and comfortable surroundings. However, they may also struggle with impulsiveness and may make impulsive financial decisions, which can have negative consequences in the long run.

Overall, this placement of Mars suggests great potential for success, but also the need for discipline, humility, and a willingness to compromise in order to maintain healthy relationships with others.