Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 11th house in Pisces

Mars rules 12th and 7th house is in 11th house in Pisces

When Mars is placed in the 11th house of Pisces sign in a person's birth chart, it can indicate a dynamic and ambitious personality with a strong desire for achievement and recognition.

However, due to the watery and dreamy Pisces sign, there can be a tendency for this Martian energy to be dampened, leading to a lack of focus and direction. This may also lead to a tendency to get caught up in emotions and feelings, which can sometimes hinder progress towards one's goals.

On the positive side, this placement can grant the native with strong leadership qualities, a passion for social causes, and a desire to help others. There may also be a strong inclination towards spiritual pursuits and creative expression.

It is important for individuals with this placement to find ways to channel their Martian energy in a constructive way. This can be achieved through goal setting, self-discipline, and finding a sense of purpose in life. Additionally, incorporating practices such as meditation and yoga can help to balance the energy of Mars in a Pisces sign, leading to greater clarity and focus.