8th house in Taurus

8th house in Taurus

In Jyotish astrology, the 8th house represents transformation, death, rebirth, inheritance, and mysterious things. When Taurus sign rules the 8th house, it indicates that the individual might have a materialistic approach towards these matters.

Individuals with this placement are likely to be passionate and determined about accumulating wealth and assets. They may also have a keen interest in luxurious and expensive items, and may even be possessive about them.

This placement also shows that the individual may have a strong sexual drive and may be drawn to indulging in physical pleasures. However, they may also struggle with sexual jealousy or possessiveness.

In terms of inheritance, individuals with this placement may receive wealth and assets through partnerships or marriage. They may also be drawn to investing in real estate, and have a talent for managing finances.

Overall, the placement of Taurus in the 8th house suggests that material possessions and pleasures will play a significant role in the individual's life, and they may need to balance their desire for wealth with their spiritual growth.