7th house in Pisces

7th house in Pisces

The placement of the 7th house in Pisces sign in the birth chart is considered significant in Vedic astrology. Pisces is a watery sign, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It represents sensitivity, intuition, empathy, and imagination.

When the 7th house is located in Pisces, it indicates a sensitive and compassionate relationship with others. These individuals are generally driven by their emotions and feel a strong urge to connect with their partners on a deeper, spiritual level. They crave intimacy and unity, and mutual trust and understanding in relationships.

However, the placement of the 7th house in Pisces can also make the individual overly emotional, to the point of being unrealistic and impractical in relationships. They may struggle to set healthy boundaries and may attract partners who are not aligned with their spiritual goals.

Overall, the placement of the 7th house in Pisces highlights the need for spiritual growth and evolution in relationships. Individuals with this placement should focus on developing their intuition and channeling their emotions in a positive way to create harmonious and meaningful relationships.