7th house in Cancer

7th house in Cancer

As a Jyotish astrologer, I would first like to explain the significance of the 7th house in Vedic astrology. The 7th house represents relationships, partnerships, marriage, business partnerships, and legal contracts. The placement of Cancer sign in this house indicates that the native is likely to have strong emotional connections in their partnerships and an instinct to take care of those they form relationships with. The Cancer sign's natural energy is nurturing and caring, and it may influence the native to be in a relationship that brings them a sense of security and comfort.

However, if the planet placed in the 7th house is malefic, then it may indicate some problems in relationships. For example, the presence of Saturn or Mars in the 7th house can lead to conflicts or delays in finding a suitable partner. They may also face challenges in maintaining their relationships.

In case the Moon is present in the 7th house, it can bring an emotional and sensitive spouse. The person may feel emotionally connected to their partner on a deep level. However, the Moon's adverse effects may lead to mood swings, and the native may have difficulty in making sound decisions affecting their relationships.

Therefore, as a Jyotish astrologer, I would recommend that the native pay close attention to the placement of the planets in the 7th house for a better understanding of their relationships, partnerships, and marriages.