11th house in Virgo

11th house in Virgo

The 11th house is the House of Friends, Communities, and Social Circles, and when it is in the sign of Virgo, it brings analytical and detail-oriented energy to these areas of life.

As a Jyotish astrologer, I can say that individuals with this placement have a practical and logical approach towards their friendships and social groups. They tend to choose their friends thoughtfully and are extremely particular about whom they associate with. They are known for their analytical skills and are good at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their friends and social groups.

These natives are hardworking and believe in self-improvement. Therefore, they are inclined to join social groups that align with their interests and areas of knowledge. They are quite selective and often prefer to analyze a group and its members before deciding to join. They value practicality and are uninterested in social groups that do not contribute to their growth or have no real purpose.

Furthermore, natives with the 11th house in the Virgo sign can be a bit of perfectionist while dealing with their friendships and group work. They believe in following protocols and expect others to do the same. Consequently, they can come across as critical or nit-picky to their peers.

In conclusion, individuals with the 11th house in Virgo sign tend to be analytical and selective when it comes to their social circles. They are practical and detail-oriented, and hardworking towards their personal and social growth.