11th house in Cancer

11th house in Cancer

The 11th house in the Cancer sign is all about emotions, nurturing, and family. This placement suggests that the individual will be highly connected to their community and will have deep emotional ties with their friends and social groups. They are likely to be quite sensitive and intuitive, and their emotional intelligence will be one of their greatest assets.

At the same time, the individual with this placement may struggle with feeling too emotionally attached to their social circle, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to make objective decisions. However, their innate nurturing and caring nature can be a great benefit in developing long-lasting relationships.

In terms of financial gain, the Cancer sign indicates that the individual may derive income from business ventures related to food, hospitality, or real estate. They may also have an entrepreneurial streak, which can lead them to create their own businesses or work within a small or family business.

Overall, the 11th house in Cancer suggests a strong emphasis on community, nurturing, and emotional connection, which can bring great joy and fulfillment to the individual’s life.